FleetWatch Paint Systems

High quality paint systems keep your fleet looking good for longer

Product Systems

High quality paint products, process and support

The foundations of FleetWatch is the premium quality product range used by the skilled FleetWatch paint shops – NEXA AUTOCOLOR®


Nexa Autocolor was developed specifically for the commercial vehicle market and is now the leading paint systems in the market. Combining an extensive range of commercial vehicle fleet colours with excellent levels of gloss and long term durability, the Nexa Autocolor paint system ensures your fleet a long lasting finish.

Nexa Autocolor’s paint processes have been designed to cater for the multitude of substrates found in the commercial vehicle market including the modern materials being used by builders and manufacturers. Fast and effective repair processes utilise some of the latest technologies available that offer innovative solutions which reduce off road time and help increase a repairer’s productivity.

The quality and strength of the established product ranges provide a solution foundation for the FleetWatch services.

All members of FleetWatch have skilled painters who have been trained to use EPA compliant Nexa Autocolor paint system.

Paint Performance Warranty

The Nexa Autocolor paint system is supported by the comprehensive FleetWatch Paint Performance Warranty guaranteeing the quality of both the workmanship and products used for up to 5 years within a PPG FleetWatch defined repair and painting process.

The benefit to you:

  • Your vehicle will require fewer repaints throughout its lifetime
  • Your fleet retain its good looks for longer - Increased residual value of your fleet